The search for meaning/purpose in life is ultimately a useless exercise in a blind pitiless indifferent material world - if there is nothing outside the human brain. Molecules alone = no meaning

'What is truth?' Pilate asked and turned away ... from the Truth. John 18:38, 14:6

It is not that one cannot but will not believe

Billboard San Francisco

The most unchurched city in the USA

'The radical change that took place in my heart was not from a rational decision but in response to an overwhelming Love that became rational'

Tertius Venter

The existence of God cannot be proved by scientific means as He is outside of space, time and matter.

The apologetic should demonstrate that there is nothing more logic than explaining God.

The more you think and, the more you explore,

the clearer God will become to the free, open, seeking mind.

Blind faith is not Biblical.


You might just be surprised:

   Dr Jordan Peterson